Formerly the Van Nuys Hotel


Erected in 1896,  before the city was irrigated….one of the last vestiges of the old, old downtown, like the Farmer’s and Merchants Bank and the Bradbury Building.  Pre-Deco, pre-Moderne, pre-Mayan Theater.   Back when Los Angeles was a railway outpost and distant second fiddle to San Francisco.  Before oil. Before Chaplin.  Before the great swindle. Before Chandler, Lankershim, Whitley and Van Nuys, the Four Horsemen of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company,  purchased Tract 1000.

What was Tract 1000?  Uh, let’s see….everything north of the Santa Monica Mountains and south of Roscoe Blvd, from Lankershim on the east….all  the way to basically Ventura County.

People lived and acted on a Noah Cross-like scale once upon a time.  It wasn’t just a movie.