A Postcard from Sorosville

So here’s a small data point in our current disintegration.  I ordered an item from Lululemon, a feminine wife-flattering thing.

Given the supply chain constraints, there was suspense as to whether it would arrive in time for Christmas, a tiny leaf floating in the River Ganges of holiday commerce from Groveport, Ohio to Hardin, MO to Mayfield, KS to Canyon, TX to Topock, AZ…dots on the railroad map, clocking in every 12 hours, before disappearing the night of Dec. 23rd at an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

The shipping container, or its contents, never made it to the distribution hub. For eleven days, radio silence. Then an alert from FedEx the item was at long last on a delivery truck in Sun Valley.

Eleven days sounds to me like they sent a new package across the country. Theoretically, the shipping container itself could have been misrouted in the intermodal transport system.  I find this explanation on a low order of probability.

A differential diagnosis suggests it was waylaid by package pirates in Lincoln Heights. Or the other banditry choke point, outside Pomona.

Ninety containers are compromised (read: broken into) per day.

Union Pacific has made “over 100 arrests of active criminals vandalizing trains” in L.A. County. Per a special directive from D.A. George Gascon all were released within 24 hours. Of the arrests, none to date have resulted in court proceedings.

Add train robbery to the growing list of unenforced felonies in Sorosville.  A pry bar, bolt cutters and a willingness to climb a slow moving flat car and you too can be Butch Cassidy.

It’s baked into the price of everything we do now.  So let us break out the world’s tiniest violin for Mrs. UpintheValley’s late arriving gift.  As I said, a small thing, a mere data point in a sea of annoyance. There are families with real grief this week.

Sandra Shells, ER nurse, attacked without provocation at a bus stop at Union Station, succumbed to a brain bleed after her head struck the pavement.

Brianna, unrequited martyr?

Brianna Kupfer, an architecture grad student knifed to death in Croft House, an upscale boutique on La Brea Avenue, mid-afternoon.

Money was not a motive in either attack. Straight murder, nasty, brutish and pointless.

The killer, masked, backpack and hoodie, anonymous and indistinguishable from the army of shambling street people is as of this writing still at large. I will go on record now and predict he has been in custody and released without sentencing for other crimes in the past two years, probably more than once.

Brianna calls to mind Polly Klaas, all grown up. If ever there was a designated victim tailor-made to galvanize the public into a ferocious response it is she. If ever there was a face to push Westside liberals off the sidelines, to make them stakeholders in the unfolding tragedy they helped to set in motion, this is it.

I’m not sure it’s going to happen. Los Angeles of the 90s had the moral sense to boo Robert Shapiro at the Laker game during the O.J. trial, to vote for broken windows policing and three strikes laws.  It had a very different media. It didn’t have out of town billionaires writing checks to install our carpetbagging fashionista D.A.

The man in the tailored suit who swore an oath uphold the law had this to say: “The reality is that we go through these cycles, and we go through the cycles for a variety of reasons … In many ways we cannot prosecute our way out of social inequalities, income inequalities, the unhoused, the desperation that we have.” 

Prosecution is exactly how we rid ourselves of this scourge. Inequality, however defined, and housing status will be with us always.

Being right is of no use at the moment.  It has little persuasive value. It has no name in the street. Persuasion is in the hands of an ever smaller coterie of people who own/curate our media feed. They simply cannot afford to let Brianna become Polly.

Counterintuitively, working class strongholds like Van Nuys might be at an advantage right now. We’re not a soft target. We see you coming.

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  1. The beautiful girl who was stabbed in the furniture store particularly broke my heart. I can’t imagine the pain of her family.

    But last year there was the boy shot in the back seat of his mom’s car who died crying “Mommy my stomach hurts.”

    And if you tolerate mass robberies, trash camping, being mentally deranged and hanging out in the CVS parking lot then it’s not a big step to think it’s normal when any maniac with a knife murders any random stranger.

    We need more cops not less, more law enforcement and more penalties to set up rules about what a civilized society will permit and what it will not.

    That is not right or left or Republican or Democrat it’s a necessity for our survival as a nation.

    1. Concise and truthful, Andrew. What if we had The Purge for social media? For 24 hours everyone expressed nothing but the truth.
      ADD: With no fear of de-platforming, I mean

    2. Yes, I remember that boy. It galvanized Orange County.

      Yes, now it is a matter of survival. We simply cannot continue to live our lives normally like this. As I’ve said we are in a state of pre-collapse.

  2. This may be your best post ever. But as you point out, LA is not the city it was in the early 90s. Nor is the country. Vote with your feet – certainly out of Deep Blue cities. Though if you must stay – having planted your feet in un-hip VN you are probably better off than among Westside dilettantes.

    1. So far, Jay, yes. But I shouldn’t write with such assurance. A motel on Sepulveda Blvd is being converted to a homeless shelter. We shall see how that plays out.

  3. And late this tuesday evening (1 18 22) the l a times reports that the effort to recall the Horrendous Councilman Mike Bonin has fallen short of the required signatures needed to oust him. I guess people are Happy with his performance?? I guess we get what we vote for and at the same time complain about what a shit hole of a society we live in . The west side needs a Reality Check~~!!

    1. Recall petitioners submitted 39,000 signatures where 27,000 were required. Approximately 14K were invalidated by the Board of Elections. Make of that what you will.

  4. The Democrat religion of anti science, anti independence and anti Americanism is as strong as any “legacy” religion. It will overcome any logical argument or horrendous event. Deaths at the hands of the unhinged, unhoused, and unresponsible are forgotten and dismissed as byproducts of the system that rewards only the responsible. The victim was educated and attractive, and may not have a heritage that makes her a valuable human in the Democrat Religion

  5. “if this is pre-collapse, what does actual collapse look like?” See Kabul or Sarajevo in the mid-1990s.

  6. If they don’t do their jobs, someone else will.
    I’m feeling like Spain, 1935, is the model for where we are. All that’s needed is a Franco.

      1. I don’t see any, but I’m all ears. Trump didn’t end up being serious enough a man for the challenge. He seems to have been entirely to willing to take the counsel of his daughter.

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