3 thoughts on “American Coolie”

  1. What is it with those New Balance shoes?! I usually see that model of gigantic white tennis sneakers on old men. I’m obviously not shopping at the right sport-equipment stores. As I smash into middle age I need to skew my wardrobe to the “socks with sandals” norm of clueless old white dudes. Where do they buy them?

  2. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I wore white New balance basketball shoes from high school right up until….well, until someone pointed out the obvious, that it was the default uniform of old white guys. Now I wear Skechers and slim fit stretchy pants. I shaved fifteen years in one trip to the mall.

  3. ’90’s footwear has made a come-back, especially the big soled sneakers.
    Bought my daughter a pair of Nike Air Huarache today.
    She didn’t realize she was stepping back in time to 1991.

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