An Elusive Equinox

Only several days ago Spring thrilled in the elusive sunshine, promising an end to a Portland winter.

Painted ladies stormed the fruit trees like locusts.

Then Nature, in a display of bad sportsmanship, as if she were taking pleasure in reminding us what we were being denied, offered a fresh deluge.  Raindrops dropped like bowling balls. The butterflies folded up their wings and disappeared into the eaves.  The succulents were in two inches of water

Bursts of sunshine…

…followed by more drizzle.

She can’t decide what she wants. We are at the fulcrum of something we needed badly, and a return to the cake of comfort.

We are prisoners of weather.  This is not what we are used to but we’re gonna miss it when it ends.

9 thoughts on “An Elusive Equinox”

      1. Palmdale? For poppies…..huge, west towards I-5. Watch old Huell Howser. =) Carizzo? It’s a haul. Admittedly I have never EXACTLY been there. (and I have taken 41 from Yosemite via Fresno down to 101….the James Dean Memorial Highway… well as 166 from Santa Maria east to the Grapevine). In other words – all around it. It’s like a hole in a donut. You have to TRY to get there. Comforting, in a sense….halfway between LA and SF and for all intensive purposes you could just as easily be in the middle of Wyoming.

        Worth the drive? I’m in OC, would have to drive thru the guts of LA, so no…I can head down to Anza Borrego. Will I? Stay tuned. =) I’m getting older and lazier. LOL. But from the Valley? Sure….blast up the Grapevine you’ll be there in 3 hours. You’ll get to a place without so much as a telephone pole. In other words – unchanged in ten thousand years.

  1. Great pics, UITV. I’m reminded of Travis Bickle (…..the rain will just wash all this filth and grime off the streets…..) I think you are a tad facetious tho……our “horrible winter” was cooler than normal temps and rainfall about 1/3 more than average….how did we ever survive? LOL

    90% of my life I’ve lived in SoCal. but I spent @ 6 years in Northern NJ in the 90s (Do the math…=) “Winter” here is like March and April in New Jersey. Sometimes chilly, blustery and rainy…and some really nice spring days. Ask Johnny….=)

    That last pic I found just so depressing. I’ve lived in some crappy places in my life, but I never had to look out my bedroom window at razor wire.

    1. North Hills and Panorama City. Land of hood-y apartment buildings at 150% of capacity, ringed by wire. 90% of tenants with their noses to the grindstone.

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