4 thoughts on “Au Revoir 2022”

  1. If 2020 was the year of the Unraveling, 2022 was the year we stopped caring about it… surely going the same way will yield a different and more desirable result in 2023, says america, apparently.

    Great writing, Mr UIV. Longtime lurker who finally got around to subscribing…

    1. I think we are only pretending we stopped caring, Jeff. We carry the ghost of America within us, thinking we are alone in doing so.

  2. Denial is a powerful tool in fueling perseverance but it also has its downsides, as we are seeing now. The masses are noticing, but there is no one coming to save them, and so ultimately it will be an extremely painful correction. I pray that I am wrong.

    1. Greg, we all suffer at least a little from the idea that America or Los Angeles or wherever we are living will continue to operate on a rational basis because it has done so in the past. With historical blinders we are coasting off the edge what we knew to be the world. To argue on behalf of civilizational basics: thou shall not steal, thou shall not poop on the bus, thou shall not beat retail workers or the elderly is to invite derision from the power structure. Covid revealed just how docile Americans have become.

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