Chupacabra Sighting

Ay Caramba
Ay Caramba! Could it be?
Oh, wait....
Oh, wait….

Not the mythical Latino Bigfoot, blood-drinking terrorizer of livestock and desert migrants, just a day laborer submerged beneath an eight foot high bag of leaves.

One wonders: does he believe in the Chupacabra?  What keeps him awake at night, besides debts and la Migra?

And the owners of the big homes surrounded by such high walls of foliage they require a small army of laborers to tame and haul away the leaves on their backs, lest the house be devoured by its own landscaping, what keeps them up at night?

Could it be the same thing?  If the Trumpacabra has his way, who will pick the socks off the floor, and scrape the poop residue off the porcelain and make the leaves go away?  And do it on the cheap?  And never talk back…

There’s a scary movie.

2 thoughts on “Chupacabra Sighting”

  1. Americans had a problem after the Civil Rights movement of the 60s and 70s. “Negros” could no longer be relied upon to do grunt work at starvation wages. We needed a new army of cheap malleable laborers who wouldn’t – who couldn’t – complain or make demands. So we turned a blind eye to a porous border. We needed non citizens who could be deported if they started getting uppidy. And it worked. For decades. Labor got real cheap.

    Now that the value of work has been severely reduced – as intended – we’re shock (Shocked I tell you!) that decent white folks can’t find a living wage doing crap work. Who’s fault is it? Mexicans? Filipinos? Let’s build a wall and send all these undesirables back to where they came from! That’ll fix their wagon.

    Then let’s get all the god-fearing native borns to work scooping guts off the conveyer belt at the poultry processing plant. Of course the boss isn’t going to want to pay them any more than the repatriated dusky folks. Might have to organize. Might have to form unions. Might have to elect leaders who change the laws to respect and support labor. Might have to fight some Pinkertons. Might take a while…

    1. The displacement of black people from the working class in California by Latino and Asian immigrants, at the hands of the Democratic party, should have led to some shifting of party allegiance. But the party has solidified its hold on both groups. African-Americans, the clear losers in the immigration sweepstakes, vote 90-95% Dem. Every time. Even a small shift toward Trump last year (20%) would have triggered an earthquake and changed the political calculus around immigration, but that never materialized. Employers can continue to fill dirty jobs without having to pay the dirty job premium.

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