Escape from Van Nuys

The hidden village of Greenwood Square
Hey, let’s duck into the hidden village of Greenwood Square…
A European with cobblestone streets
…with cobblestone streets like Chestnut Lane.
And ersatz streetlights
And ersatz streetlights.
And structural beams made of wood chips and glue
And structural beams made of wood chips and glue.  

Wait, what?  Seriously?

Sssh. We didn’t see this.   Strike it from our memory.

It’s not like it’s illegal or anything.  They do this all the time now.  Movie set construction, for example.

We can rest on assurances from industry lobbyists, manufactured joists will last at least….thirty years. Assuming no one lets their bathtub overflow.  And nobody split the 1×3 bottom plate with a nail gun while nursing a hangover.

Look how well that mid-80’s housing stock has stood the test of time.


Back to Van Nuys, and its dependable squalor of concrete blocks, old growth timber and strip malls…

and occasionally glorious marling
…and occasionally glorious muraling. 

3 thoughts on “Escape from Van Nuys”

  1. You don’t like wall-to-wall narrow townhouses with garage door facades? I hope you weren’t expecting that they might eliminate 3 townhouses to create a little park inside the mass plasticland?

  2. Ah yes. These are homes in the same way the items you get in a little shoe box at the fast food place is “chicken” or “fish.” They’re the McNugget or Fillet O’Fish of housing. No bones. Just breading, some processed oil, and artificial flavoring. They’re an approximation of what you really want, but at a $2 price point you have to suck it up.

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