Flu D’Etat

Pop quiz: Is skateboarding social distancing compliant? A: Why, yes.
Are skateboarders a risk group for Wuhan virus? A: Not at all.

If skateboarders can shred about in the spring air, then the edifice of submission and compliance is pretty well mocked, and mockery is one thing the tyrant can’t bear.  Someone call public works!

How dispiriting it is to see people in the Valley wearing masks inside their own cars because Mayor Yoga Pants told them to.    You would not know this from listening to local media, but he has ZERO statutory authority to do so. These are requests of the public presented to us as binding commands from the state.   There is no municipal code called Thou Shalt Not Defy Garcetti.  

The Wuhan regulations have little to do with public health and everything to do with our Liberty.  We submit to them at our peril.

We snuck into Fryman Canyon over the weekend to discover a small fellowship of hikers edict defiers skulking on the trail with masks around their necks, which they hastily pulled over their noses when they saw us, lest we report them.

Every model of viral prediction has proved wrong, not by a percentage, but exponentially.  As we descend the right side of the bell curve,  the will to power has not been leavened by the fragility of prognosis or the absence of a tsunami of demand on the hospitals, nor the revelation the morbidity rate is far lower and seroprevalence far greater than assumed.  Those details shall be memory-holed.  Crisis is the order of the day. May the wealth-leveling panic continue, command the Clerisy. No herd immunity for you! A poorer electorate is a submissive one.

Sometimes an act so small as swinging from a tree can be restorative of citizenship.  Where the feet go, the mind follows.

4 thoughts on “Flu D’Etat”

  1. This is all so depressing I can barely bring fingers to keyboard. At this point it shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone…..transmission is accomplished in congested interior spaces (airplanes, public transit, elevators, bars, etc.) and for long enough period for the infected to transmit a significant viral load to the infectee. As I wrote to a friend re: Venice skate park—-
    “….This is Government Assholery. One big middle finger. You guys couldn’t even just set an accommodative rule such as “wear a mask or get out of the pool”? Every 16 year old will remember this, BTW. You people in government will rue the day you pulled this draconian caper…..”

  2. Since the beginning of all this, my only question has been, “Where in the World do these politicians and “leaders” presume to get the authority to make these draconian pronouncements, and edicts”? And yet, I have heard this question asked not even once by the “news media” and their “journalists”. Not freaking once. And I thought that was their main job. Not once.

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