Melancholia, Slight Return

If I had the gift of clairvoyance, would it manifest as manic depression, as it did for Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia?   

Seeing the row of lollipopped ficus trees in Runyon under a brooding sky evoked memories of the film and its distinct visual motif.

We are headed for some kind of Civil War II for no better reason than half of us desire it so badly.    One path is shorter, the other longer, but they both lead to the same destination.

It is as though another blue planet, previously hiding behind the sun, has quietly appeared, growing a little larger by the day, insensible to prayer.

8 thoughts on “Melancholia, Slight Return”

        1. The dark half=the people drawing up kill lists on Facebook. The un-frienders. Those who put politics at the dinner table and the school function and in your ear on the bus. People for whom nothing is funny, and who digest their food by cable news. People walking around with a tree growing out of their forehead, saying “what is a tree?”

  1. Civil War? I think the more likely trajectory is an external shock of some kind that catches the U.S. unawares at a time when we have no ability to successfully respond. We’re distracted by minutiae and unable to work together toward any constructive goal. We’re vulnerable.

    1. Very true. But which arrives first, the snapping of the power grid, or the Blue vs Red octagon match? Does the former forestall the latter or preclude it altogether?

  2. Rome fell because years of internal dysfunction and crisis left it vulnerable to outside threats. Some even argue that Christianity took down Rome. Well… same deal with us?

  3. Nomads on horseback sacked Rome. Christians put it back together over the course of centuries. Roman Empire analogies don’t bode well for us

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