O, Little Town of Van Nuys

Our precarious present, where we invite people to light campfires under power poles.

Our near future, lifting her skirt.

We are an unfinished mural.

We are poised between decaying mid-century cool and someone else’s postponed development scheme.  We reveal unintentional beauty on a gust of wind.

But mostly we are too much of this.  For we are a ragged outpost of City Hall and Sacramento and Brentwood, mute, dependable and too disorganized to complain.

She won’t save us.   We can put the comic books down and save ourselves.  Merry Christmas, one and all.

3 thoughts on “O, Little Town of Van Nuys”

  1. Yes, recall Gavin, but don’t stop there. Don’t make the same mistake we made last time.

    Defeat enough Dems so that we don’t have a one-party state any more. If the GOP won’t help us, we’ll do it ourselves. And take them down with the rest.

  2. Random: What was the intent of the mural, and who is the guy in camo?

    I noticed that Wonder Woman’s 1984 costume is far less attractive than the 1975 version.

    I will watch Lynda Carter tonight to confirm it.

    1. I’ve been endeavoring to discern the intent myself and it remains unclear. The guy in the camouflage jacket looks like Brian De Palma in the 1980s, but I suspect he’s meant to be a non-specific homeless person. The mural is unfinished but you could argue she’s putting her hand up to ward him off from entering the Valley. I’m sure that was not the intent. They may end up high fiving each other.

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