Because it’s Wednesday…and he has a plate of takeout at his feet, for which he needs to clear some room.

As of last month, any and all tickets for quality of life infractions in Los Angeles are null and void…if you are a street person.  The rest of us have to pay our fines.   LA is now operating with asymmetrical civilizational guardrails.

We need a new vocabulary for this since the old language of judgment is forbidden.

4 thoughts on “Pinchloafing”

  1. I have some lawyer friends who made it very clear to me that lawyers don’t bother suiting anyone or anything if there are no funds or assets to be mined. What’s the point of winning if there’s no blood in that stone? Instead lawyers are obliged by plain old economic necessity to reverse engineer legal action and find fault with whatever entity has money to tap. See also municipal fines.

  2. Stones and turnips have always been bloodless. What’s changed is that we only allow bureaucratic solutions for problems that are not bureaucratic in origin. Jail’s out. We don’t allow cops to do anything until after the fact, and even then limited to writing a silly ticket, so they wisely retreat to the donut shop. We’ve had wake-up call after wake-up call, and still nothing changes.

  3. do you see any turning point on all this? is there any quietly growing % of folks who might eventually say “enough already!” and push for change? from a comfy distance here in the mid-south, it seems like the Cali political class has run out of ways to leverage cthe razy/drug-addled demo for “homeless relief” $$$.

    1. The public has already turned decisively against these behaviors, for which there was never any real support to begin with.
      Los Angeles is a Democratic city, but not a leftist one, and there is the rub. In a one-party city, we have an ever leftward ratchet in which the public “votes” for a union-backed person spending a million dollars for a council seat so as to be the catspaw of various organizations with business before the City. Once in office, the only public he encounters are shills of said organizations, wearing matching t-shirts and waving pre-printed signs at meetings, demanding Shantytown, Inc.

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