Sunday afternoon in Dolores Park

Rusticating with laptops, cannabis and whiskey
Rusticating with laptops and whiskey

Enjoy your afternoon while you can, my lovelies. Lurking just around the corner, a grammatically challenged assault on the privileged awaits:


I don’t know what to make of this.  Is this an announcement or a call to action?  According to Zillow, the cheapest house for sale on this block is $1.3 million.   Is this who the pamphleteers are appealing to?  Are million dollar homeowners at issue, or is it their failure to become landlords?  Are Google employees being asked to cyber-protest their bosses, or to forgo homeownership themselves? Who is writing here? Mere rent in San Francisco now requires a close to six figure income.  One feels as though one is being asked to litigate a dispute between the upper-middle class and the uber-wealthy in a state in which most of us are neither.  Maybe a walk up Sepulveda Blvd would offer perspective.