Not Joan of Arc


Nor Our Lady of Cannabis, patron saint of pot shops, either. Though she’s been mistaken for both.

It’s Miss American Green Cross, forgotten saint of reforestation, icon of the eponymous Californian environmental organization no longer with us, but which left a statue behind in Brand Park in 1928.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of her?

Neither did we, until we happened upon her quite by accident today, after journeying to the delightful Kenneth Village neighborhood of Glendale, another Labor Day discovery, for vegan yogurt.

The American Green Cross is so defunct it doesn’t even muster a Wikipedia entry.

The statue was originally unveiled at Glendale High School.  At some point in the the Depression, she was spirited away and dumped in the foothills above Brand Park, where she moldered in obscurity for decades, vandalized and forgotten. In the early eighties she was hauled down the hill to the city maintenance yard where she languished for over a decade.  The Glendale Historical Society restored her, and now she stands with pride of place at the foot of the loop trail.

People mistook her for Joan of Arc due to the pile of firewood stacked at her feet.