I am sorry Daniel Clowes


New Years Day,  the resolutionists were out in abundance in Fryman Canyon.  As we (a great many we) hot-footed it up a very busy trail we were joined, or I should say upstaged, by the actor Shia LaBoeuf and his five mile-long apologia to the graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, author of Ghost World, whose work he has (allegedly) plagiarized.   One version of the story is LaBeouf, stung by the criticism sent his way for his work in the Transformers franchise, decided to make a short about a film critic, and in the process largely appropriated from the Clowes work Justin M. Damiano. Caught out, for the past week he has been apolo-tweeting, and now skywriting his amends. That’s one version of the story. Another is, this is all guerrilla marketing for a project on which Clowes and LaBoeuf are secretly collaborating.  So up the trail we continued and we came to this:


A dog bed, laying in the woods, surrounded by stuffing from a disemboweled pillowcase.  Placed with the admonition do not move, in the hopes a missing Siberian husky may be led there by familiar scents to wait for his family to collect him.


The sign has been there for days. One almost hopes this is merely a stunt assembled by the producers of a new reality show called Hollywood Pets.  Doubtful. For in this world there are many versions of ‘sorry’, but there is no inauthentic sorrow.