Sizzle, boom and out the door


They took him to the beach, took him for rides in the car, let him sleep in the house as a member of the family. He has no sense of time, nor of irony, but does possess an acute sense of hearing and a finely tuned sense of human emotion which do not add to his comprehension of fireworks.  Now he’s run off…God only knows where.  Gone,  like so many others before, on Independence Day.   Roscoe Blvd, never a happy place for dogs.

Ragged glory in Panorama


How far apart we are from one another today, as a nation.  How distant our government from the citizenry.  How aloof and disdainful the media from the values of the little people, you and I, in our stucco boxes in the Valley.  The aloofness and disdain explain a great deal about the first two questions, but knowing this, understanding it, brings no resolution to our great American division.  Blue is progressively disengaging from red.  They are leaving the nation-state which has cradled and sustained us all for 237 years and have declared it to be an anachronism of the past, its founding documents encumbrances to the New Dawn of how we should all live, and those who cling to them, who take the words literally, who cherish the shrines….they are a collective anchor best cut loose. After all, what sort of person paints the stars and stripes on his garage door? Nobody they know…..