Old School


Bailey decided to marry Owen when she was 14 years old. He was working in a pet store. That boy is so cute, she announced. He’s going to be my husband.

Owen’s life then was in the uncertain quiet which follows chaos. His mother was a heroin addict. His father was in prison. He was shuttling between relatives, mostly living on his own.  When the doom cloud was swirling the drain, his parents pulled him out of high school to help them do break-ins.

Two years after Bailey first met him he was working at the store again,  putting his life back on keel, when her mother came in to purchase a sacrificial mouse for her snake.  Owen tried flirting with her.

“I’m married”, she told him, “but I have a daughter…..”


Incarceration, court-mandated drug tests turned his parents life around. His mother became a big wheel in Narcotics Anonymous. His father regained his contracting business. Owen eventually began working for him as an electrician.  They prospered.

I tried to get him to move out to LA, make a go of it as a musician, but Bailey had other plans for him.

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All the hippie ladies from the California side of the family came out to see them hitched.


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Perhaps there’s a lesson here for husband selection. Pick’em early and wait em out.  They still do that in America.