Last Wish Treasures


On my way home from Runyon Canyon today, I happened upon this remarkable bit of retail whimsy on Vineland. There’s ten thousand storefronts like this in the Valley; dated, a little rundown, probably with old wiring and ventilation, most nearly invisible behind metal bars and garish window signage. Look what they did here with just a few gallons of paint, stucco, repurposed building materials and creativity.


Lankershim Theater


Though it may reside on a blighted strip of North Hollywood, one could not fairly tag the Lankershim Theater, now the Iglesia Nuevo Vivir, formerly an outpost of the Pussycat porno theater chain, as ‘blight’, despite its benighted exterior.  The Bette Davis–>Roger Corman–>Mitchell Brothers–>Pentecostal Church cycle is a familiar one for American cinemas.