Full moon over Fresh and Easy

DSC_0565 (1)

In the warm, warm evening air, just before midnight, gentle zephyrs kiss the back of your neck as you cross the parking lot to pick up some nosh on the way home from the gym after a long day in which almost nothing went right.  Quiet.  So quiet you can hear your sneakers on the asphalt.  A measure of calm in the chaos of the world.   Up and down the moon-dappled streets all around you, people tucked in bed.  Even the freeways are in dormition.  Unexpected tranquility. One of those moments when the Valley is the absolute right place to be.

Friday night in Northridge


Dodgers lost to the Giants 2-1, on a walk-off homer by Buster Posey.  At the Yard House, they took it as well as could be expected.  There were compensations, like women in short dresses crossing the parking lot on the first really warm weekend evening of spring. The inconsolable could always bury their sorrows at Iron Man 3 next door.