Van Nuys, Oregon, mon amour


Was last weekend it? Will it prove the last fleeting glimpse of Pacific Northwest-like conditions we shall see for some time?


Will it be Thanksgiving before I peer out the kitchen door and say: my goodness, what wet leaves we have today! Thank God it’s over. Mother nature has forgiven us at long last. Let’s put on our boots and walk Fryman in gratitude.

I just vant to be alone


Opossum playing possum after being treed by cat.  Or fence-topped, in this case.  I don’t know why he was out in the middle of the day. Or why he walking across the top of the trellis, picking his way through the foliage.

He may look ready to pounce, but according to Wikipedia, the gaping jaws and ripe anal gland emissions are part of ‘playing dead’.  They can remain in this state for hours.

This one did.   I confess to you the fur was unexpectedly soft.  Maybe he was a she and she was ready to drop a litter.  I hope not.   It’s getting awfully crowded at Casa UpintheValley.