Just off Woodley, next to the airport

House proud, Van Nuys version
Trailer proud in Lake Balboa

I’m consistently amazed when I meet people to find they’re paying $700-$900 for a room in someone’s house. In the Valley. In one of those don’t wear shoes inside don’t watch TV in the living room don’t take a dump in the bathroom without lighting up a Glade and preferrably not at all don’t have people over don’t park in the driveway never bring GMO food into the kitchen confine yourself to the left side of the third shelf of the fridge arrangements.   People with mortgages and insufficient income go on Craigslist and summon forth strangers to service their debt for them, while somehow acceding to demands to leave invisible footprints in a two-bedroom house. I’m further amazed people who work retail, or do digital piece work or hustle gigs as production assistants are paying these prices.   But this is the way we live now in Los Angeles, doubled and tripled up together, somehow making it work. By comparison,  a funky Airstream trailer next to the Van Nuys airport has a certain appeal.  Note the tidy mise-en-place. The front porch coziness.   It almost looks inviting. Until you consider what it would be like in July.

Still life, with flags and flowers
Future housing, with flags and flowers

What’s the alternative?  Well, there’s this…and in the near future, the cargo container, the next resource material in the New Urbanist architectural movement.  The door is already open, beckoning us…