Lemme tell ya 'bout white chicks
Lemme tell ya ’bout white chicks…

Hot, flirty, white girls….they’s coming! To Van Nuys!   They bringing yoga and chopsticks and spaghetti strap tops with them.  How lucky can a town get?


Welcome to Sherman Circle, a strategic hamlet of 340 units, plunked down amidst the muffler shops and storefront pentecostal churches of upper Van Nuys Blvd, which is in another county, apparently, unmentioned in the brochure. Single bedrooms start at $1900, and the ladies are already un-packing,  rocking them low-rise, distressed denim skinny jeans.  See?  They getting ready to do pilates and spinning and…is that a white dog in the picture? Why, yes.

IMG_4055 (1)

They going to hang out by the pool in bikinis flexing their toes in the sun, and contemplate craft cocktails and the lint in their navels, and…who is that dusky person, upstaging the tableau?  Shoo, fly! Shoo!


High terraces contemplate the low patio.  The low patio contemplates central air. The once and future Van Nuys, lips together, teeth apart.