4 thoughts on “The Dance of Progress”

  1. “Transit? No! Everyone knows public transportation is communist. It attracts the wrong element to respectable family neighborhoods. It takes scarce tax payer funds and builds boondoggles to line the pockets of corrupt officials and big developers. No one ever uses transit anyway – at least not decent people. Transit is part of a socialist plot to take away private cars, personal freedom, and cram everyone into shoe box apartments so we can all be controlled and monitored by the government.”

    Did I miss anything? I think that’s the complete list of why the middle class in LA has kicked and screamed for decades to build more freeways and parking lots and prevent infill development.

    At the end of the day things will play out in unpredictable ways. For better. And worse. My personal pet theory is that the Ras Tanura oil terminal in Saudi goes up in flames and takes 20% of the world’s oil supply off line overnight. Prices spike, shortages appear, and the shock waves ripple across all the attenuated global supply chains – with or without “America’s energy independence.” That’s not something that can be recovered from quickly. All those happy suburban families will be huffing it on foot in a landscape specifically designed to repel pedestrians. Fun!

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