The Quickening Signposts


For the people who purport to speak on behalf of the American Blue Half….this is the answer to all social ills.  If we could just raise the marginal rate to….wait, wait a minute, is that child walking away?


Why is it I'm seeing more scenes like this?
Why is it I’m seeing more scenes like this?
And this?
And this?

5 thoughts on “The Quickening Signposts”

  1. I really like your blog and used to live not to far from that final photo, that homeless encampment where the guy got shot.

    Too many people getting kicked to the curb lately…

  2. After moving seven times in ten years, we settled in Vegas last year and like it. Very affordable, no traffic anywhere near like LA, lots of Californians have moved here.

    Have lived in the Valley twice, Venice, South San Francisco, Laguna Woods, San Jose, Connecticut, and Utah.

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