Tippi Hedren at home, 1971


Deep shag, newsprint and a tiny TV set…Sherman Oaks in the 1970’s.

In The Kitchen With Neil The Lion

Okay, so she had a maid, but what strikes me about this interior is how….downmarket it appears by today’s standards of kitchen porn. Glue down linoleum tile floors, tchotchkes, a dependable four burner stove, and cheaply varnished wooden cabinet drawers which I suspect lacked rollers.  No granite, no glass tile, no stainless steel, no Kohler.

As domestic infrastructure goes, the distance between movie star and working class family in Van Nuys is measured here in feet rather than miles.

….wait, why are you disturbed by this photo?  

Is it the lion?

Oh please, people kept backyard lions all the time in the 70’s. Stop being so judgy.


If you want to judge, look at baby-faced Melanie Griffith waking up in the morning.

After Life magazine published a photo essay documenting the …er, unique circumstances of the Hedren household, they were encouraged by the city of Los Angeles to decamp for the Antelope Valley, where she founded the Shambala Preserve, and has rescued and fostered big cats for four decades.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the relative similarity between the well-off and the middle class forty some years ago. You’ve inspired me (once again) to do a blog post of my own about the Canfield-Moreno Estate (A.K.A. the Paramour estate) that demonstrates the same point. Stay tuned.

  2. She was a tragic woman who jumped into a fountain in Rome without any clothes on, was attacked in an attic in Bodega Bay by hundreds of birds, ended up stealing money from her employer and falling in love with Sean Connery, and was finally rejected by Alfred Hitchcock.

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