Van Ice is Nice, and Will Suffice

…on a hot day when you need something cold.  A little thin for my taste, but an improvement over 329 Lager from Golden Road, which is what it was intended to displace. Sales are brisk. I worry this may prove their best selling release, on strength of shrewd marketing alone, thus tarnishing the brand.  But what do I know?

Don’t let the picture fool you. This woman knows what she’s doing.  She’s running the only pub north of downtown that has people lined up on weeknights.  When we go full Highland Park in about 2.3 years, you’ll know who to blame.

Anyone remember Andy Black?  Not a Van Nice type of guy, and I think there might be a lesson in that.  Jennifer and Alastair put the truth in the label, even while using it ironically.  They’ve married Dale Carnegie to hipster-ville.  

One thought on “Van Ice is Nice, and Will Suffice”

  1. Not strictly a pub, as it’s officially a brewery, with a ‘tasting room’, but who cares, they brew some good beers and ales.
    A refreshing change from your self styled ‘King of Beers’ with flat screen televisions and buffalo wings.

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