Widows Weeds

The Valley the zeitgeist forgot.    The remnants.  The lost backlot of the 1980s. No quarter given to the aesthetic demands of the age.  No fancy countertops. No solar panels.  No satellite dish. Landlines and linoleum.  Dry rot and mold. Five figure mortgages.

An Appalachia West, where the cars and the houses like married couples after many years begin to look alike…

…only to become landscaping when they cease to function as transportation.

The overlooked nooks and crannies of Arleta and Panorama…

…where they wear the station wagon in the driveway like widows weeds.

6 thoughts on “Widows Weeds”

  1. I’m finally moving up here after working here for a while. Your blog has given me an insight that I never would have gleaned otherwise…

  2. The photo with the blue pick-up intrigues me.
    The drivers door hangs open, as if the ghost of the husband has just arrived home from a day’s work and exited.
    The Widow sits alone in an armchair and waits near the lamp without a shade.

  3. Good Lord……..Arleta and Panorama are both neighborhoods in the City of L.A. Code enforcement, anyone? (Even life -long Valley people are often incomprehensibly dense….”I live in the city of Woodland Hills!” Ummmm..OK……have you ever had to call Woodland Hills PD? Well…..I……uhhhhhh…….”)

    I’ve seen tons of that before…Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Upstate New York……but usually they are on 5 rural acres. A couple cars-on-blocks is not such a big deal. Hell, I’d probably bring in a couple junkers, just to blend in. In an urban/suburban environment it’s just kind of jarring.

    The flora looks great, after 17 inches of rain in the last 3 months, I’ll say that! =)

    Ain’t no one gonna steal that Chebby, not with 200 pound granite boulders in the way….=) I wonder if that was a deliberate big FU to the repo man back in ’75?….=)

  4. I live in Lake View Terrace. Every house has an RV and/or boat, a horse trailer, a car on blocks, barking dogs and citrus trees. I like it.

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