Standing alone for the blue, Ventura and Sepulveda.

The Sherman Oaks BLM chapter has been busking in front of The Galleria for 113 consecutive afternoons. On Sundays, Benjamin stands on the opposite corner and witnesses for the police.  Sometimes the BLMers cross the intersection and do a walk by.  Compared to scenes from Portland the exchange, or lack thereof, was civilized.  Score one for the Valley.  He gets grief from passing drivers sometimes but doesn’t mind too much. He says he enjoys it.

3 thoughts on “Witness”

  1. Refreshing civility. No cameras around except for yours. However, tell the lady it is incorrect to capitalize white.

    1. The capitalization issue is surreptitiously preparing us for social credit scoring. Like our FICO score, but with shunning attached.

      1. My FICO score fell! Maxed out the cards in my move from California to South Carolina. However, my social credit rose once I arrived.

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