115° in The Nuys

Feral Cat 1, Sun 0.  Basking in a survivors’ victory at 7 pm…
I have no idea how they do it with a fur coat on. Nature is a genius.

The ficus didn’t do so well yesterday.  Watered it on Saturday. Less than 24 hours later, the top third of the hedge withered before my eyes as though God had sent down pestilence.

All things green shall by sundown be green no more, sayeth the Lord.

Spectrum News

Inevitably, there was another homeless encampment brush fire in the Sepulveda Basin, the second of the past month.  We have normalized this like summer weather.

Feral cats and meth heads are anti-fragile.  Los Angeles may fall into perdition in the next six months and they will make a slight adjustment and continue as before. The rest of us, in our green and ordered life, anchored by our need for safety and sustainability, scan the horizon line and wonder what It Portends.

8 thoughts on “115° in The Nuys”

  1. Here in San Francisco we hit 100F with very poor air quality due to the endless forest fires from the surrounding hinterland. After last year’s similar tribulations I ordered a window air conditioner in the dead of winter and had it on reserve for just such a time. I was so pleased when I dragged it out of the garage. So much for Fog City…

        1. LOL….that cracked me up, JS….=)

          Leaving aside the normalization of previously aberrant behavior…..some time ago I read where common house cats are uniquely designed to tolerate hot temperatures (they originated in North Africa). They’ll find shade for sure, but supposedly they do not experience discomfort until it reaches around 120. Just something to file away for the next Jeopardy round.

  2. Yes, the encampment fire is now normalized and therefore ignored. However, when some middle class folks cause a fire with their gender reveal party, oh my…

  3. Seeing this use of anti-fragile reminds me that Taleb defined it as that which prospers in the face of catastrophe. I guess it follows that if the anti-fragile has the ability to create catastrophe, one has a positive feedback loop and a villain on one’s hands.

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