Hello there



Not a week ago the deciduous reaches of the neighborhood were barren and leafless. A few degrees rise in farenheit and suddenly, as though a switch were thrown by an unseen hand,  nubby ends crack open to blossom forth from the scrag.  How observant I am to notice this. I tell myself.  All that passeth the Valley before me, shall be duly blogged.  And so I turned the corner and -BAM!-


I had not been paying attention nearly enough at all.

Not quite Googie, but something


A remnant of mid-century retail architecture still doing business with the old signage in place. Time and tide have exacted their toll,  but fifty years on it seduces the eye, even amidst a cluttered and blighted commute along Saticoy. A living relic, somewhere between googie and the world evoked in Tom Wolfe’s Kandy-Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby.