Wish Kome True, Dream of Change


Do dreams come true when they are wished for ungrammatically?  Is there such a thing as mis-spellings in the subconscious?  Are wishes and dreams still counted as aspiration when they are commodified as mural art for a retail establishment selling car stereos, rims, window tinting and lambo doors?  Perhaps the artist was trying to write ‘wish home true’, a phrase of deep poetic geometry, but messed up his gangster cursive, just as the left cerulean eye doesn’t quite match the aquamarine right. In the great Mid-Valley Cultural Ghoulash, even an after dinner walk comes with meditative delight, free of charge.

Christmas Eve in the Valley


Giles awaits the tinkling of sleigh bells. Failing that, the scrabbling of the Christmas mouse beneath the tree.


Mrs. UpintheValley spurns the season’s temptations.


Counter-programming, Sherwood Forest.


Full house at Sam Woo BBQ.


Last wash at 12, Roscoe Lavanderia.  Feliz Navidad.