Truckistan, Mon Amour

When Hollywood loved men in trucks. Also disobedience.

Old America, Data Point #1: “Convoy”, the country novelty song by C.W. McCall glorifying defiance of authority, spent six weeks at #1 in the pop charts in 1976.

Data Point #2: Smokey and the Bandit was the second highest grossing film in 1977, after Star Wars. The entire plot line could be summed as: man escorts a truckload of beer across the South, evading authority. Plus flirtatious banter with Sally Field.

One might argue that America doesn’t exist anymore, but that would be misleading. It simply has no place at the media banquet.  Truckers are un-photogenic people who know no one and nobody knows.  They bring us neccesities and reside in the dhimmitude of undesirable zip codes.

Besides, aren’t half of them, you know, fat racists or something?

Nothing has illustrated the existential gulf between the Laptop Class and the Peasants more than Canadians lining roads in solidarity as the Freedom Convoy, 40 kilometers long, rolled across the provinces in protest of the mRNA “vaccine” mandate.

Evan Mitsui/CBC

While the truckers enacted a platonic ideal of non-violent civil disobedience in downtown Ottawa,  Prime Minister Trudeau, who was elected with less than a third of the popular vote, invoked for the first time in Canadian history the Emergencies Act, claiming for himself the powers of martial law.

We are 100 weeks beyond two weeks to stop the spread. Does anyone really think this is about public health anymore?

Ottawans took to the streets with jerry cans to provide gas.  Donations poured in by the millions, first to GoFundMe, which seized the funds and threatened to redistribute them to other causes, then to GiveSendGo, which was promptly hacked by a Twitch-streamer who doxxed the mailing list.  Now the donors, many of them small businesspeople, are being threatened by activists and contacted by the media who demand convoy supporters explain themselves.

This smug prick is our future. Get used to the smell of his ball sac on your nose.   Everything you see in this frame; the throne chair, the microphone, the monitors, were delivered to his home….by truckers. Everything, save the smirk.

Now the Trudeau administration is in the process of identifying the protestors and those who donated to them so as cut them off from access to banking, consequently from participation in society.

It’s worth noting in 1976 Betty Ford took to CB radio to court the working class during her husband’s election campaign. I’m trying to imagine Jill Biden, or anyone else, doing the same today.  Can you? Me, neither.

If you’re keeping score at home, the Canadian head of state has chosen to deprive his citizens of liberty as a constituency service on behalf of the Pfizer Corporation.

Trudeau could easily have played the hero by suspending the mandate. He could have climbed aboard a rig and led the trucks out of the capitol like Moses in a sea of Maple Leaf flags. But he didn’t.  In all the sturm and drang of recent weeks no one seriously proposed actually, you know, honoring the truckers simple request.

A Digital Passport is much too important.  That’s where this is all going.  If 70% of us just got the jab, we were told, we would all be given our lives back. We’re way past 70% now and the experimental drugs have failed to convey immunity as promised. Guess who is blamed for that?

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors want to lay off 2000 Sheriffs Dept. personnel for refusing the jab.  Sheriff Villanueva has refused to cooperate. So they voted to take the decision-making away from him and convey it to a willing bureaucrat. That’s a whole lot of political capital to spend on firing people.

The effect, if not intent, of a Digital Passport is to render once inalienable rights conditional, and subject to revocation by corporations, at the behest of politicians. Once the architecture is in place, any criteria can be loaded into it.

Canadians still have some fight in them. Do Americans? I’d like to think so, but we’ve been acting like a defeated people.

When the trucker hat was ironic                                                    Credit: Elle Magazine

Here is wisdom: Stop appealing to the government for a redress of grievances.  This isn’t 2002. That is as viable as Paris Hilton in a Von Dutch trucker hat.

Twitter and YouTube don’t ask for permission to de-platform people. The shadow funders behind the Center for Countering Digital Hate didn’t ask permission when it named itself the arbiter of acceptable opinion.

This works in both directions.

Try this: STOP DRIVING, truckers. Also, Amazon delivery people. UPS. Uber and Lyft drivers. Everyone.  Let no wheels roll for one week. See how long the digerati manage without their pleasures brought to them on the daily.

The financial benefits of the new economy may flow upward, but the transportation network remains an essential hard power. It should be deployed as such.

Count me in.

Let Us Now Fire the Peasants

Pink as the new tyranny

Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) wants to fire people. On Friday she introduced  AB1993, requiring the termination of every employee in California who fails to obtain a mRNA shot, including independent contractors.

Contractor? Hey, that’s me.  I’m among the officially wicked now. Or about to be.

All over the world the vax mandates are coming down. In the U.K., in Denmark, in Sweden, in the western provinces of Canada.   But in Los Angeles, because we can’t have nice things, the pink safety mafia is cranking the screws, deep into the future.

When pink was just pink

This might be a good juncture to state the obvious. There has been a total collapse in the efficacy of the mRNA shots over the past six months. They do not convey immunity. They do not stop transmission or infection. They have proven totally ineffective against the Omicron variant. The potency of the shot lasts less than six months, and begins tapering off after three months. In short, the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are not vaccines.  Referring to them as such serves the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry. They also have a terrible safety profile.

This isn’t about public health. This is about a digital passport on your phone like a QR code.  Once the architecture is in place, any criteria can be swapped in.

This will not end with the Wuhan virus, for this is the beginning of something.  Why do you think they are expending so much political capital to keep it?

Peasants, in our natural habitat

Get your sunshine, take your vitamin D, hit the trails, build your immune system and stop cooperating. Call bullshit by its rightful name.

Go Rams.

The Girl from the Sunset Marquis

Joan Jett, Sunset Marquis 1976                                                Credit: Bob Gruen

It works like this. The door opens and people slip into the backseat and offer up a sliver of their life for ten minutes. A glimpse of truth.  Or just confessor bullshit to entertain themselves, depending on the evening. Sometimes they want to know all about me, how I came to the priesthood of Uber, what lessons I have obtained on my journey.

Late Saturday night I arrived at the storied Sunset Marquis, and a young woman entered in a talkative frame of mind.  Wanting to know things. Like:

What do I think of L.A.? No, really. Do you like it?

Me: I love Los Angeles. I am uxorious in my feeling for the city.
Gen Z Beauty: What does uxorious mean?
Unrestrained affection, as one would have for a spouse.
I like that.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how much longer the city can withstand the degeneration of the past two years.
What do you mean, degeneration?
What do you mean by that?
Stealing. Unlimited shoplifting from stores.
This is a thing?
Yes. You can steal a thousand dollars of merchandise at a shot, with impunity. Tribes of people do this every day in LA.
I don’t understand. Of all the things about LA, shoplifting bothers you? 
Well, yes. Stealing is lawlessness. Lawlessness bothers me.
But there are all these studies showing crime hasn’t gone up, because of Covid, and the police are making up statistics to get more funding. At the end of the day it’s just capitalism, right?

I took the last sentence to mean capitalism as a form of systemic inequality. Shoplifting being the inevitable antidote to said unfairness.

She wasn’t as batty as she sounds, this girl with money to Uber off to the Sunset Marquis by herself for $20 cocktails. I would characterize her as genuinely mystified by my value system and curious why I thought the way I did. She wanted to continue the conversation once we reached her house, but I had other ride requests. She tipped well.

Maybe she was relying for her information on this woman, who also expresses cheerful mystification.

We are living in a great epistemic schism. ‘Alternative universes’ to use Jen Psaki’s formulation.

The Strip is long past the mayhem of the metal years. It exists now as a luxury theme park atop the burial grounds of rock and roll history.  What would Motley Crue fans make of our conversation? Or two people sharing a smoke outside the Whiskey after a Doors set? Would they agree with her?

For all the self-destructive exuberance of the 1970s and 1980s we had higher social trust. We had mosh pits, and groupies debasing themselves for musicians who wore more makeup than they, and yes, there was plenty of theft. But few among us were pretending crime didn’t matter. There was a foundation of order we all stood upon and took for for granted, like Mediterranean weather. And ass-cleaving denim.

Getty Images