Ecce Homo


What vessel is this, into which half of America has poured so much hope and expectation?

Are you putting them on? Will you be dancing with Hillary at her inauguration?  Was that the plan all along?

What demons are you grappling with?  What windmill spins before you? Are you the man at the card table determined to lose?

You are staging a public psychodrama well beyond Nixonian self-pity.  The course of the nation is now hostage to your tweets.

Behold the man.  Beyond intervention.

4 thoughts on “Ecce Homo”

  1. We’re beyond a billion words (mostly unflattering) on this guy, so I like the lyrical approach.

    So much has been written and said, right?

    One thing’s for sure: he abhors criticism.

    (but the dude was a conman and a birther)

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