Gaslighting of America

This was NoHo, two months ago

How long did they think a free people were going to accept this?  Now that warm weather is here again and we are approaching herd immunity, oh, how the little Commissars of Public Good, the unaccountable issuers of edicts desire this belle epoque of Maximum Karen to continue.

We will have a vaccine before the end of 2020, said the President Who Shall Not Be Named. Nonsense, declaimed the doctors of Twitter medicine on cable news. The week after the election it was announced we had two.  Everyone will be vaccinated by April, said President W.S.N.B.N. Oh please, said the blue checkmarked Experts. Not a chance. Fact check! This week Biden announced 90% of Americans will have a vaccine available by April 19th, within five miles of where they live.

There is a preference cascade about to happen. People are on the verge of de-masking themselves.  Without permission. With the edifice of Soviet-level disinformation crumbling, what is Karen, Inc. to do?  Hmmm…oh I know, new strains! Mutations, from dark and distant continents. Not scary enough? Try this. The vaccine may not work after six months, a year…some point in the future.  If everything just re-opens, how will we incentivize people to do what we say?

A passport.  Yes, a vaccine passport, for safety. To enter all places of business. To travel. To attend school or have dinner. To partake of America, first display your checkmark of good citizenship.

The architecture is already in place, on your phone. So convenient!  Now the vaccine is no longer tied to health, it is tied to freedom. Take it away, Naomi Wolf:

“…it’s not about virus, it’s the data. The vaccine is an excuse, a Trojan Horse, to get you to agree to a platform that is ALREADY 360 degree surveillance, geolocation, turns society off and on.
“Once this platform is ‘mandated’ you can no longer opt in or out of out as you do when you sign ‘I agree’ to terms and conditions on a website. You’ll be FORCED to ‘agree’ in order to work, socialize, travel. Then any functionality – social credit system that turns PayPal off..”

Naomi is a lefty. I can’t tell you how refreshing this is.  One of the unexpected oddities of 2020 was the exodus of dissent liberals from woke media to the Substack platform: Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Andrew Sullivan and Bari Weiss…to make a fearless witness against the perfidy of woke cancel culture.

Remember, we off-gas data from our phones perpetually. Think of your digital ghost as a form of opposition research against yourself. The virtual You is in the hands of five corporations with a clear political agenda and a willingness to act on it.  They have already assembled a social credit score for you in all but name. They have used it to make money off you for years, now they will use it against you to implement restraints on behalf of government bureaucrats. Restraints which the government is prohibited from enacting.

This is the passport, ladies and gentlemen. When they ask, show them this.

Now take your mask off.  You’re being gaslighted.

8 thoughts on “Gaslighting of America”

  1. “Freedom is a much misused word. How is it that anybody can say with a straight face that person “A” should have the “freedom” to refuse a vaccine or wear a mask and spread a deadly disease in the direction of person “B,” but that person “B” shouldn’t have the freedom to remain free of illness?”
    A quote from an article on Counterpunch.

    This ‘debate’ over masks, vaccines, and “open or closed” reminds me of the one over motorcycle riders being required to wear helmets. Here in California that happened in the 1980s. There was a lot of talk about “freedom” and “this is America”. Does someone’s “freedom” to not wear a helmet and eye protection still apply when they get hit in the eye or face with a bee or a stone and then crash into me?
    One of the motorcycle magazines proposed and interesting experiment to those who wanted “freedom”. Put on a helmet and have someone wack your head with a baseball bat. Now remove the helmet and repeat.
    Perhaps in both cases, helmets and viruses, some think that there is a force that will protect them.
    Maybe from the people that faked the Moon landing.

    1. The vulnerable populations, 75+, people with co-morbidities, have been vaccinated. If they haven’t it’s because they chose not to. The rest of us are reaching herd immunity. If we are not there now in CA we will be within two weeks. All the architecture of lockdown/masking remains in place. Passporting is just getting started. I long for the days we could have friendly debates about helmet laws.

    2. And when does this logic get extended to the seasonal flu, the common cold, and other transmissible diseases? Where do you stop it? I’m not afraid of COVID-19, and if I get it I will stay home for a couple of weeks. The mandates are predicated on the assumption that people have zero common sense and are incapable of making informed, rational decisions. It can be fun to drive in the left lane once in a while, and I can remember driving for more than 45 minutes in the dead of night in Alaska with no headlights on so I could enjoy a spectacular Aurora. Visibility was amazing! Neither one is strictly “legal” but arguably, in the right circumstances, it does not endanger anyone.

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