Have You Read the Book of Mormon?

Sister Pincock, from North Carolina. Sister Madsen, from New Mexico.  Proselytizing on Rayen St.

They were so nice and so far from home it was all I could do not to invite them over for dinner. I had to tell at least two white lies to make my escape.

Lying to Mormon girls! Behold the perfidy of Mr. UpintheValley.

4 thoughts on “Have You Read the Book of Mormon?”

  1. Is Rayen Street anywhere near the area in the previous post? I actually never hear of Mormon missionaries coming to harm so I guess they are prepared.

  2. When I lived in Pasadena, I would always invite the girls in for lemonade and then get them to start complaining about their missions—boys get bikes, boys can go more places, etc. etc. fun.

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