Keep Voting, sez MSNBC


Mrs. UpintheValley, who did not vote for Godzilla, has been obliged to avoid Facebook, the vitriol and emotive accusation has been so intense.

Now, in the name of tolerance, the call has gone out for the assassination of the non-President, the week after the election.

DSC_5784 (1)

Bullet in the forehead, bleeding from his, wherever….

And I thought my apolitical blog was going to go back to being apolitical.

He hasn’t even taken the oath, people.  Tell me how this movie ends.


Banksy has his own view.   He of course has made millions doing something which is technically illegal, but clearly changes how things are perceived. Or tries to. Otherwise what would be the point?

What begins in wish fulfillment,  ends as all Pygmalion-like creation myths do. Carve a woman from marble and your feverish longing, and you will fall in love with her. You will leave a bloody handprint.

10 thoughts on “Keep Voting, sez MSNBC”

  1. Before the election I expressed my reluctance to vote for either presidential candidate since they were both equally well qualified to preside over the Great Unravelling. The Don and Hillary Show was less about the personalities themselves and more about the mood of the country that conjured them.

    One candidate would attempt to wrap duct tape around all the failing dysfunctional and extractive institutions built on grift, while the other candidate promised to smash these institutions in an adolescent fit with no particular plan for what comes next.

    Either way, the country needs to pass through this clusterfuck of interrelated systemic failures on the way to something that works better. I have no problem with Trump since I believe he’ll serve well enough as a wrecking ball – which we need. But let’s just not assume he’ll build up new functional institutions. That will be the job of future administrations after the dust settles.

  2. It says that you’re smart enough to know we’re in trouble and that you should probably start taking action to protect yourself from the coming unpleasantness.

  3. For me, personally, it means having multiple Plan Bs. Live below your means. Stay out of debt. Have savings set aside. Keep a deep pantry you can fall back on in troubled times. Have a small inexpensive mortgage-free house in the country you can go to. This home can be rented for passive income in good times. Keep a big productive garden. Have friends and family in other states that you can fall back on if needed. Be prepared to take them in as well. Keep an updated passport on hand. None of this involves a bunker or a stash of weapons for the Zombie Apocalypse. And it’s all good stuff to have/do even if the future is bright.

    As part of that Plan B it’s possible to buy a rather nice home or small multi-unit building in a place like Ohio for the cost of a broom closet in a place like California… And in Ohio water just falls out of the sky all by itself. Crazy, right?

  4. did you call 311 to get that graffiti painted over?

    if not, you can do it, or e-mail me the address and i’ll get it taken care of.

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