Ogdenville, North Haverbrook…Van Nuys

Coming in 2033, or 2057. Or maybe not at all.

Lyle Lanley stopped by. He has a monorail to offer us.

It’s official. Two consortiums have been hired to submit plans to LA Metro for the decades-in-discussion Sepulveda Pass Project.  Numinous configurations have been proposed over the years but the finalists are:

Sepulveda at Weddington

1) A $6 billion monorail above ground from the Expo Line in West LA to the Van Nuys Amtrak station, splitting the 405, or:

The Bechtel version
The Bechtel Map

2) A $10 billion heavy rail line (think NYC) running underground from UCLA to Sherman Oaks, coming up for air just south of Valley Vista, then becoming an aerial over Sepulveda Blvd.

Stranded in traffic, we are to weep in envy as it zips over our heads.

Both plans terminate at the yet-to-break ground East Valley Metro line on Van Nuys Blvd. Both hang a hard right at Raymer Street and claim to reach the Bundy Expo Line station in 20 minutes.

All that infrastructure headed right for Mr. UpintheValley’s backyard.  Who knew?  I would feel like a rather cunning real estate buyer if I didn’t know how long this will take.

It would be the biggest public works project in California since…High-Speed Rail from Bakersfield to Modesto. The 405 in the Sepulveda Pass is the most congested stretch of freeway in the United States. In a reasonable and rational world we would have built this instead, built it 20 years ago, or at least during the four years we spent widening the roadway, but here we are.

The terminus

The Raymer Street angle fascinates me, having walked through this low rise industrial neighborhood for years: granite yards, supply houses and weed shops.  The Favela sprouting at the edges.  The two rail lines need to intersect somewhere and the Amtrak/Metrolink station would make it a 3-for-1.  But there is no getting around the fact the train would be going to a location which for now lacks housing.

To make it pencil out, the area will have to be rezoned mixed-use residential.  What am I saying? Nothing has to pencil out. We are in the uncanny valley of architectural renderings and near-futurism.  Wait till the Sherman Oaks and Bel Air Homeowners associations get into the mix.

As an opium dream its frigging awesome.

5 thoughts on “Ogdenville, North Haverbrook…Van Nuys”

  1. So… We have a dominant culture that values a purely suburban landscape and will fight tooth and nail to prevent public transit (read: “the wrong element”) and density (read: “Think of the children!”)

    But The Valley has been thickening up for decades in spite of all the bougie NIMBY prohibitions. It’s LA’s Brooklyn. Karen’s pitchforks and firebrands will continue to gum up transit plans just as the bureaucracies (both public and corporate) plow ahead with various over budget half assed schemes – mutually charting the future in a three-legged potato sack race without knowing it.

    What we’re getting isn’t the pristine 1950s version of lush lawns and tidy tract homes of the popular airbrushed imagination. Nor are we getting some palm tree lined version of Paris complete with Métro and sidewalk cafes. Instead, we have Van Nuys a la BRT. A brisk bus trip from the Jiffy Lube in Canoga Park to the Winchell’s Doughnuts in Burbank. And a glorious adventure it is!

    Fifty years from now some pundit, not yet born, will pine for our current arrangements. Oh, those long lost golden days of driving a Hyundai from the beige stucco townhouse condo complex in Winnetka to the dry cleaners in Reseda washed in the amber glow of yesteryear.

    1. “Fifty years from now some pundit…will pine for…driving a Hyundai from the beige stucco townhouse condo complex in Winnetka to the dry cleaners in Reseda washed in the amber glow of yesteryear.”

      Will she be riding the monorail while doing so? That’s the question.

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