Only Hillbillies Throw Trash in Creeks

As we say in the creative arts, everything is material.  Cast a wide net. Freewrite.  Be bold in the face of prohibitions. Daring in your approach.  Refine your choices later.

Down here, in the Narrows, where no one will bother you.  Where you can extract $1.99 of trade goods from two shopping carts of scrog and leave the remainder to the storm drains.

Number 22 in the 23 Lies We Tell About LA™:  Only hillbillies throw trash in creeks.  Hillbillies are deplorable people who know nobody and nobody knows.   They live way out Elsewhere, in the pill eating, strip mining, under-achieving, low information Heritage America.   Not like Us. We have a Green New Deal,  with pie charts and bar graphs and 2035 targets. We have Environmental Justice. We are beyond self-recrimination.

4 thoughts on “Only Hillbillies Throw Trash in Creeks”

  1. Good Lord! LA is going to be buried in garbage! Lived there in the 60’s, glad I didn’t stay.

  2. It’s not far behind Elijah Cummings’ “disgusting, rat and rodent infested” Baltimore district.

    1. DTLA is way ahead of the rest of the country on the rat/typhus/medieval health crisis score

  3. Yes, there’s even been a flea epidemic at City Hall, the fleas hitching a ride on the backs of rats.

    City leaders need to get their priorities right. I thought this as I drove along the recently resurfaced “Your tax dollars at work” Roscoe Blvd, then over the Pacoima Wash below, as the Nury Martinez portrait mural looks taggingly over the open cesspit.

    You mentioned a medieval health crisis, what about the “medieval” style murders that were carried out by MS13’s Fulton Clique?

    It has now just recently been revealed that some members attended Panorama High School. One 16 year old”classmate” was lured to Lake Balboa by a female “friend” where he was abducted by other gang members, taken to the foothills and chopped-up with knifes and machetes. They say his heart was cut out and thrown into a canyon along with the rest of his remains.

    He probably travelled along Roscoe Blvd before he met his fate.

    And glanced at Nury Martinez.

    But for him, the writing was on the wall.

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