Sherman Oaks vs. Bridge Housing

Last night Notre Dame High School hosted a funhouse mirror version of the dialogue referred to in churches as call and response.

Councilman Ryu: I’m sure you want to hear what I have to say- Booooo! Recall!

I asked the following organizations for advice- They don’t speak for us!

The Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council- You don’t live here! Put it in your backyard!

Let me be clear, no actual decisions have been made- Liar! The Council has already given its recommendation!

If I know Sherman Oaks- No, you don’t! Liar! Go back to Koreatown! Liar!

After five minutes of abuse, the Councilman abandoned the microphone.   LAPD Officer Pitcher took a turn. The mob was not satiated.

Officer Pitcher: Tonight we have to be respectful- Enforce the law! There are only six patrol cars in Sherman Oaks! How are you going to manage once the shelters are built?

As a prelude to Mayor Garcetti’s run for president, we all have to endure his solutions to the encampments of drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally ill who have flocked to Los Angeles to enjoy its services.    The plan: more free stuff.  In this case, trailers set up on public property as bridge housing.

Right here, on Sepulveda, between the fire station and the barracks.  Those who showed up for the open house to hear the pitch were not having it. No one believes the trailers will be temporary, and cynics have history on their side.  Also, Sherman Oaks doesn’t really have a homeless problem. Yet. Van Nuys has a homeless problem.  The Sepulveda Basin has extensive encampments.  The trailers would pull an undesirable population across the 405 freeway into the neighborhood proper.  Over a bridge, literally. Relocating a problem where it doesn’t yet exist.

To his credit, Ryu stuck around for an hour and took the heat.   How did a guy from K-town end up representing the Valley, you might wonder.

This is how. Behold the perfidy of the District 4 map.  The quadrant in the upper left is Sherman Oaks.   Guess where the Bridge trailers are not going? Hancock Park. Silver Lake. The Hollywood Hills.  That’s why they draw maps this way.   So City Hall can impose its schemes with the toss of a dart. Contiguous districts, fully within the Valley proper, would reflect community consensus.

Which explains, partially, the yelling.

3 thoughts on “Sherman Oaks vs. Bridge Housing”

  1. As I’m so fond of saying… we aren’t going to take meaningful rational action on any of the problems that plague society. Top down expensive ham fisted and self serving programs don’t work. But “a thousand points of light” from churches and philanthropic groups hasn’t worked either. Nothing is acceptable to anyone anywhere. So we have colonies of tent cities with people living under highway bridges in the spots that are only mildly irritating to middle class residents. Shrug.

    Meanwhile, David Ryu approved two motions to grant $850,000 in public funds for the construction of the LGBT Center’s Anita May Rosenstein Campus in Hollywood. This facility will be geared toward the LGBT homeless.
    Mr Ryu very kindly pitched in $50,000 from his discretionary funds.
    Then they want to build trailers in Sherman Oaks? I remember the protests in Koreatown after a homeless trailer proposal.

    Gives trailer-trash a whole new meaning.

    1. The LGBT organizations are putting a lot of resources into homeless advocacy in LA. Billboards. Funding initiatives. Feels a little far afield from their stated mission.

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