St. Elizabeth of Fryman Canyon

In Fryman Canyon, they no longer allow you to park on the streets to the public trailhead, but they love their Harvard socialism.

There is a small pay lot on Laurel Canyon that has perhaps 1/3 of the capacity needed for weekend hikers. In the event of overflow, we would use one of the many empty streets nearby and partake of the public good known as the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, an accommodation the gentry has done away with. First by guile, and now by civic order they’ve persisted.

There are three houses on this street for sale, all over $5 million. Is this in keeping with Elizabeth’s claim to be capitalist to her bones?  

6 thoughts on “St. Elizabeth of Fryman Canyon”

  1. Touche! On a related note I’ve long challenged the conservative notion that “social engineering” is the exclusive domain of nut job liberals from the Nanny State. Local municipalities routinely mandate that all new homes be at least 3,000 square feet and on at least a quarter acre lot. That’s their way of filtering out the riffraff who can’t afford to buy in to the community. Same same.

  2. Yup. And went back to read your linked post from almost exactly 5 years ago. Newspaper reporting used to be done by crusty and street-savvy middle class guys from middle-class backgrounds. Sometimes barely so. Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill come to mind. You won’t see their kind anytime soon.

    I must take issue with Johnny’s comment about social engineering. It may not be the EXCLUSIVE domain of the Progressive Left. But in this state it is overwhelmingly so. Those precincts at the base of Fryman, home to the $5M homes, voted roughly 85-15 for Hillary.

    Moot, regardless. At this point it’s a uni-party, run by and for the Permanent Government in Washington.

    1. In Johnny’s defense, he does a lot of research/reporting in other parts of the country not named California. I do agree in the case of Fryman the split is at least 85-15 Democrat

    2. Thousand Oaks has been Republican for generations. They block off every residential street with orange cones and no parking signs to prevent people from parking anywhere near public parks. This isn’t a left/right thing. It’s a Have and Have Not thing. It’s about class. They paid serious money for their homes to be near a public amenity. And then they prevent the public (who didn’t pay) from access.

      1. Well we certainly agree it is entirely a matter of To Have and Have Not. And in practice it certainly isn’t a Left/Right thing, as this example amply illustrates. My only contention – and this circles back to the original post and the appalling duplicity of people like St Liz – is that there remains a concerted effort to continue painting everyone on the right as the greedy meanies. In the public imagination the typical person of the right is a Rogues’ gallery including Ebenezer Scrooge, Cruella DeVil, and Mr Potter. =)

        Then there’s California’s Idiot Governor—-lately he’s taken to railing against PG&E on account of “greed” (A more accurate label would be “gross incompetence”) . And ignoring for a moment that PG&E is a private company in name only -it’s overseen by the PUC to such a degree they can’t so much as take a dump without getting the PUC’s approval. Now today it’s revealed (though no one is surprised) that Newsom took in some hefty campaign contributions from… guessed it….PG&E. So Newsom gets to preach fire and brimstone from the pulpit for political advantage AND pocket the campaign contributions. A two-fer. Reminds me of Inspector Renault shutting down Rick’s on account of gambling on the premises and being interrupted by the roulette croupier who hands him “Your winnings, sir!”

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