Super Drainage, in Action

Concrete river channels get a bad rap, but the Army Corps of Engineers knew what they were doing.  An entire El Nino storm can be whisked away in a matter of hours.   Unfortunately, it’s going into the ocean.

The alternative is this.

One thought on “Super Drainage, in Action”

  1. Technically LA receives enough annual rainfall (albeit in a few giant dumps like this week’s Pineapple Express from the tropics) to satisfy all its needs. The current infrastructure gets it out of harm’s way as quickly and efficiently as possible. That solves one problem. But it creates another. Replacement water must be imported from half a dozen other states – and those states would really rather use it themselves. Could we retrofit the entire region to harvest that rain water instead of flushing it to the Pacific? Theoretically… sure. Will we do it? Nope. Desalination anyone? Nothing a few nuclear plants on earthquake faults and a couple of trillion dollars couldn’t fix. Fun!

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