Triumph and Recrimination


Whatever day you had today, you didn’t shank the final penalty kick off the post to be eliminated from World Cup competition.  Gonzalo Jara, in the moment which will define him for posterity.

Instant replay in the head
A sportsman’s lament, the first of many.
A public wedding, Futbol-style
A public wedding, Futbol-style

An eighth of an inch adjustment on the downswing of the foot, and the ball bends left, flutters the back of the net, and 150 million people watch you circle the pitch like Achilles, arms extended like a hawk, hair bouncing in super-slo motion on the Man-glam cam.  But for that, you’re now the answer to a trivia question. You’re that guy. The guy who could have deep-sixed Brazil on their home field, but biffed it instead.   I think of the numerous 1/8th of an inch adjustments I’ve made in my life, and how so many of them could have gone differently, even tragically. Moments like this make me grateful for everything I have in my life.  Even if it’s a stucco box in Van Nuys.