Let Us Now Fire the Peasants

Pink as the new tyranny

Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) wants to fire people. On Friday she introduced  AB1993, requiring the termination of every employee in California who fails to obtain a mRNA shot, including independent contractors.

Contractor? Hey, that’s me.  I’m among the officially wicked now. Or about to be.

All over the world the vax mandates are coming down. In the U.K., in Denmark, in Sweden, in the western provinces of Canada.   But in Los Angeles, because we can’t have nice things, the pink safety mafia is cranking the screws, deep into the future.

When pink was just pink

This might be a good juncture to state the obvious. There has been a total collapse in the efficacy of the mRNA shots over the past six months. They do not convey immunity. They do not stop transmission or infection. They have proven totally ineffective against the Omicron variant. The potency of the shot lasts less than six months, and begins tapering off after three months. In short, the Pfizer and Moderna jabs are not vaccines.  Referring to them as such serves the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry. They also have a terrible safety profile.

This isn’t about public health. This is about a digital passport on your phone like a QR code.  Once the architecture is in place, any criteria can be swapped in.

This will not end with the Wuhan virus, for this is the beginning of something.  Why do you think they are expending so much political capital to keep it?

Peasants, in our natural habitat

Get your sunshine, take your vitamin D, hit the trails, build your immune system and stop cooperating. Call bullshit by its rightful name.

Go Rams.