Fouad, the Tire Guy


Taking a picture on a public street is a touchy thing. Unless they pose or give consent, I make it a point not to point my camera in people’s faces.  I do take a certain type of picture surreptitiously, usually a public tableau, where people appear in the background, at a distance, or from behind.  Usually I’m not taking pictures of people, per se, but things: buildings, streetscapes, nature.  There are have been moments when people have demanded to know what the hell I’m up to with a camera, who did I think I was, taking pictures of their store without permission.   Until last night, no one has ever crossed a busy boulevard to confront me as Fouad did when I took a picture of his tire shop at dusk.

In answer to the why, I told him I was a photographer.

‘Oh,’ he replied, his mood lightening considerably, ‘I thought you were up to some funny business.’

Satisfied I wasn’t a private detective or insurance investigator, he invited me to cross the street and take a picture closer up.  He even cheerfully posed:

Fouad likes the horses
Fouad likes the horses