Springbok, 10 AM

Germany 1, USA 0
Germany has just scored. One person on the patio is happy.

I spent the Ghana-USA match chatting with a guy from Guadalajara, now an American citizen,  who candidly told me he had a public breakdown, with tears, on the patio of Springbok in 2010 when Mexico was eliminated. In the round of 16. If they got past the quarterfinal this summer, he couldn’t be responsible for himself.

Both Mexico and USA have advanced to the knockout round. Only Belgium, Argentina, Netherlands and Greece stand between the joy of the past two weeks and a city-dividing, household-dividing, bullets-in-the-air, flags-on-trucks, beer-bottles-in-the-streets test of loyalty in the semi-finals. What then? A moment of truth for Los Angeles.

It could happen
Dual loyalty on Delano Street