The Valley, Judged

Courtesy of Kerry J., whoever the f*&@# that is
Courtesy of Kerry J., whoever the f*** that is

Most of my posts, I can’t help noting, originate from areas demarked Only Come Here If You Need A Car, Run Down Strip Malls, Panorama Shitty, and You’ll Probably Get Shot Here.  This is how my neighborhood and daily environs are seen by outsiders. Oi, that’s harsh. Not even worthy of a dismissive putdown like College for Dropouts. Just a blank spot in the map called Danger, enter at your own risk.  Well, we know better at UPITV.

One little mystery stands out: what the hell is Free Penis, at Victory and Woodley? Anyone, anyone? I must be slow…

If you enjoy this sort of judgment, there’s plenty more here:

2 thoughts on “The Valley, Judged”

  1. Free Penis refers to the Sepulveda Basin wetlands area as a hook up place for men. I thought the most notorious area was that south of Burbank Blvd between the 405 and Woodley. Perhaps it is more widespread and spans up to Victory.
    Glad to help!! 😉

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