This Is Us

We can have big piles of Tater Tot-Chos, atop piles of ground beef, atop baked potatoes, drizzled with cheese and sour cream.   We can eat our food with pitchforks.   Dig in!

Lotsa weed, too.  Now with the Time Inc., seal of approval.

We’ll have easy chairs for our easy well-decorated lives in the backyard.  We are obsessed! with comfort. Gorgeous comfort. Easy gorgeous flaccid plumping fun comfort.  Seriously. Right now.

But we’ll beat diabetes by eating pizza.

Don’t forget to grab a soda energy drink at the register.  Otherwise, you may pass out from exhaustion in the parking lot.

4 thoughts on “This Is Us”

  1. The man who’s looking to buy a copy of the “Ground Beef Cookbook” issue may not be rich, and he may not have much time. Still, the Tater Tot-Chos look pretty fancy! On the East Coast, we’d call those “Irish nachos,” but with fries instead of tater tots. In Seattle, we aren’t supposed to call them “tater tots” (a registered trademark of Ore-Ida), but rather “Mexi-fries” (a registered trademark of Taco Time Northwest, not to be confused with the other Taco Time). “Mexi-fries-Chos” doesn’t have the same ring, though.

    1. You’ve convinced me. I’m going to improv a Valley version of the Tater Tot-Chos for a future blog post.

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