Toy Story 4: Mother’s Day

The last of the unsold treacly sentiment, asphyxiating in cellophane wrapping. 

At nightfall they will return to the great warehouse of Chinese dreck to await Thanksgiving,  then Christmas, then Valentines Day.  The same stuffed bears with pink bows,  recycled for any occasion. 

Because clearly you care. 

3 thoughts on “Toy Story 4: Mother’s Day”

  1. I imagine someone bringing one home, and the relevant woman being pleased. “That’s so sweet!” his mother says, “What a thoughtful gift.” She puts it on a shelf.

    I don’t know about these things: maybe the man thinks that she will like it, and the woman is disgusted by his lack of preparation and cheapness. “You picked that up on a street corner!” she shrieks. “But it has Hello Kitty, I know you love Hello Kitty”; he is stuck with his decision to buy it and is just trying to say something that works.

    Or maybe he doesn’t care, and she knows it; but a little bit of hope in her heart whispers: at least he brought something, maybe next year he will bring something nicer? Or maybe it is a joke to them, and they share a laugh, secure in the knowledge that their value systems align, at least with respect to tacky, cellophane-wrapped stuffed animals. Or maybe they are awful people, and these are awful gifts to be given and received by people with no concept of love.

    I always wonder about these things. If someone is selling, then someone is buying. Who buys? Who receives?

    1. Or, to extend the Toy Story metaphor, how do the stuffed animals feel about the people who buy them? Or the people who lock them in storage 11 months a year between holidays, then auction them on the street in the noonday sun?

  2. I wonder if they conform to US safety standards, being ‘non-flammable’ etc?

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