Valley Gothic

January 19, 1950:  “Frederick Kester, 66, and his wife, Margaret, 56, of 13067 Pierce St., Pacoima, leave Valley Municipal Court after receiving continuance until next Wednesday on complaint of health officers. Charge is that their trailer and lean-to shack do not have proper sanitary facilities. Couple, who claim to be prophets, also have 20 cats, goats, ducks and dogs on property.”

August 10, 1954: “Mildred Taylor, a 24-year-old waitress, is shown entering Van Nuys jail. A large marijuana plant was seized at her home. She was held on suspicion of auto grand theft. Later dope was found in car and home.”

December 1, 1964: “Eugene Gelson, second from left, and supporters of newly formed ‘Family and Community Minded for Decent Literature in Encino’ examine some questionable magazines in Gelson’s Market.”

This is what I got to watch on the way home from the dentist today: fisticuffs between a man and a woman over a plastic bag pile beneath the 101.

Historic photos courtesy of Valley Times Collection

2 thoughts on “Valley Gothic”

  1. Era’s of contrasts.

    I wonder if the Kester’s prophesied being summoned to court? Mr Kester reminds me of Jed Clampet, of Beverly Hillbillies fame.

    Mildred Taylor should have got into modeling for the magazines at Gelson’s. I wonder how her life turned out? She would be what, 89 today if she’s still around.

    As for the feral humanoids under the freeway, I wonder what their life expectancy will be?

    No doubt Eugene Gelson would be slightly perturbed today, to find out the additional uses for his shopping carts.

  2. “Mr Kester reminds me of Jed Clampet, of Beverly Hillbillies fame.”

    Also Samuel Beckett and every dust bowl refugee.

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