We Almost Live Like This Now

Los Angeles, where you can have a 21 day dry aged Sonoma duck ($55) prepared by a Michelin-starred chef and delivered to your door by a Yemeni war refugee who gets his car serviced at Ochoa’s Mecanica by laborers of indeterminate provenance and murky paperwork. Everybody wins!

Charcoal Venice ages its meats in a glass case at the edge of the dining room and charges $20 for vegetable appetizers. I suspect they’ve yet to recieve their first delivery request to Van Nuys. Which makes me wonder what this billboard is doing up on Roscoe Blvd.

Here are the most ordered foods on GrubHub in 2017: Poke, chicken biranyi, bulgogi bibimbap, avocado toast, chips and queso, acai bowls, cobb salad, corn dogs, soft pretzels and burritos. A sublimely American amalgamation of comfort and pretense.

Maybe thats why Josiah Citrin is folding his arms pretentiously and sneering down at us from atop a muffler shop. We all want to eat at his house, but even though we can’t, we can pretend we’re nearly like the Venetians who do cause we’re ordering in. A little truffle oil on those fries and we can imagine we’re there.

Either way, Josiah gets paid.

4 thoughts on “We Almost Live Like This Now”

  1. Always love your photos and commentary. The aspirational billboard of haute cuisine above the immigrant auto repair shop. Van Nuys in a nut shell. You’ve read The Great Gatsby, yes? New York in the 1920s. Same same, except it’s Sicilians, Greeks, Jews, and “negroes” instead of Yemenis and Central Americans down below and high Protestants up above. Give it a century…

  2. Let’s not over think this.Who cares what test market Grub Hub is running amongst the white diaspora around Roscoe.This is Divine Intervention.Lets hop in the Up Uber and beeline to Abbot Kinney. By your own admission you ain’t poor AF anymore. Let’s have it fresh.

  3. “Which makes me wonder what this billboard is doing up on Roscoe Blvd”

    May be getting ready for the proposed $150 million Icon Panorama development residents, plus Walnut Village on Nordoff (upper $400’s) and the nearby Lemona Village (upper 500’s). I also noticed a new apt building on Roscoe at Lennox, just east of Van Nuys Blvd.
    Panorama Citrin!

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