Zillow Heaven Wants You to Know AmeriKKKa Sucks

Independence Day greetings from the Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills.  Sorry for the blurry photo but I was in a moving car.

Normally, the variable message sign up in the canyons is a Bailiwick of Karen:  Slow Down!  No Park Access! No Parking!  Last night, in honor of our nation’s founding document it was a holiday whiskey shooter of contempt.

The bonus exclamation points are for Joy, Epiphany, and Piety. Also because it feels so good.

The least expensive house for sale in this neighborhood is $2.5 million.  The median would appear to be around $10M.  Let’s take a look around Zillow Heaven to see how they’re making do:

A small army of people, most of them brown, commutes from the Valley daily to tend to these homes and their white occupants.   Looking at this tableau I think of the scene in Cabaret when the kitchen women are listening to Hitler on the radio while making dinner and Sally, Brian, and Maximillian are too caught up in their own drama to understand the implications.  We are living through something like that today, but with the polarities reversed: the elites are revolting against the little people. We continue as though the old rules were still operative while a handful of billionaires control the public square.  Statements in the public square claiming AmeriKKKa does a few things other than Suck will be forwarded to the Human Resources department for your cancellation, and not in an ironic way.

But first, clean these countertops.

If you’re going to mock America, do it right.  Observe the masters:

*real estate porn courtesy of MLS

7 thoughts on “Zillow Heaven Wants You to Know AmeriKKKa Sucks”

  1. The country that suckkks gives them the constitutional right to say so. A point they cannot grasp.
    Perhaps they should trade places with the people of Hong Kong who now can go to prison for holding up the wrong flag or singing the wrong song.

  2. Historically elites (however they are described) have a tendency to dismiss the great unwashed masses. The serfs, indentures servants, field slaves, factory workers, and other such commoners aren’t capable of participating in the complex systems that matter. Just look at how they dress and speak!

    I would caution you, dear reader, that you (a tolerably middle class American) are an elite relative to a few billion people around the world. And they look at you the same way you look at the folks in the Hollywood Hills. Your modest tract home in Van Nuys is a palace compared to the majority of places most people live around the planet. Clean drinkable running water 24/7! Functioning sewers! Electricity! Air conditioning! And you own it rather than an absentee slumlord. What’s your attitude toward the people living in tents under the freeway in your own neighborhood? Compare and contrast…

    1. You’re right about gratitude. I want to do a series of posts about small joys of the Valley as counter-programming to the Troubles. It was for something like this the blog was started.

    2. Some while ago was reading some smart person (possibly that Bad-Thinker The ZMan (http://thezman.com/wordpress/) who remarked that prior to The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s (ours, not Mao’s) the elites, who may very well have looked down upon the great unwashed, nevertheless saw it was their station, their responsibility – even their duty – to uphold cultural standards and norms. To act as an aspirational example to the outside world, even though what went on behind closed doors may have been anything but.

      That went out the window fifty years ago. Now the elites look like tatted-up vagrants just like everyone else. And ape the same Cult-Marx fuzzy thinking as those keepin’ it real on the streets.

  3. Tatted up vagrants with low BMI, expensive hair treatments and an $8000 locally sourced hand crafted sofa.

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